Over 17 million Veterans are potentially eligible for a financial pension from the VA to help with long-term care and senior living solutions. Are you one of them?

Patriot Angels Veterans Benefits

We help Veterans receive the financial pension they deserve to help with long-term care and senior living solutions.


We are the preferred provider for VA consultation for quality providers.patriot_body_img


We walk with our Veterans and families through the entire process.

We simplify complexity.

We offer a free phone screening and qualification consultation.

Expert advice.

We only provide advice under the guidance of a VA accredited attorney.

Did you know?

There is a forgotten Veterans Pension also known as “Aid and Attendance” that less than 5% of qualified Veterans and their surviving spouses are receiving.
• This benefit can help pay for long term care and take the worry off of your financial future.
• Only an immediate family member or an individual that is VA accredited can file with the Veterans Administration on your behalf.
• It is against the law to be charged a fee for filing for the VA pension. The only fees that should ever be charged is for attorney consultation and/or estate planning.
• If you apply directly with the VA and are turned down you may have to wait 12 months to reapply. Call us first!

Do you qualify?

Are you 65 or older or 100% disabled?
Did you serve at least 90 consecutive days active military duty?
Was at least one of those days during a period of war?
Did you receive a General, Medical, or Honorable discharge?

Were you married to the Veteran at the time of his or her death?
Were you married to the Veteran at least one year?
Have you remained unmarried since the Veterans death?

If you answer yes, CALL US NOW! 844-432-4040


How much can you receive?

Independent (no dependents) $1,069.00
Independent (one dependent) $1,404.00
Housebound (no dependents) $1,310.00
Housebound (one dependent) $1,642.00
Aid and Attendance (no dependents) $1,788.00
Aid and Attendance (one dependent) $2,120.00


Independent (no dependents) $719.00
Housebound (no dependents) $878.00
Aid and Attendance (no dependents) $1,149.00

(Veteran married to a Veteran is even more)
(These numbers are approximate)